Saturday 24th October 2020 - We're back!


The New Lowndes Arms, Whaddon, Milton Keynes.


A very last minute gig booking at The New Lowndes Arms in Whaddon.

Truly horrible weather - heavy rain and storm force winds made using the two big marquees in the pub garden impossible, so we were set up in the fairly narrow conservatory, playing to the main pub through open doors at the end.

A brave few turned out in the rain and seemed to really enjoy our set, with many lovely comments and compliments when we finished our set, and lots of singing along (not sure that was allowed in the current virus  crisis, but they didn't seem to care).  


They must have liked us as the pub immediately booked us back for December 19th and also want us for a party.


Despite the rain, wind and fairly low turn out, we had a great gig with two one hour sets starting early at 5.30pm in order to get around the 9.00pm  turning out curfew due to the Covid virus restrictions.

A big thank you to all who braved the elements and came to see us - we hoped you enjoyed the music, and we look forward to returning in December.  Also thank you to Mark and his team for making us so welcome. 

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